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Hi, I'm Trav S.D.  I'm a producer and performer, public speaker, playwright, critic, blogger, and author of the popular books "No Applause, Just Throw Money: The Book That Made Vaudeville Famous", and "Chain of Fools: Silent Comedy and Its Legacies from Nickelodeons to Youtube". I wear many hats, and am grateful to be paid (or break even) for most of the things I do: acting, arts journalism, putting on shows, speaking engagements, book royalties. It ain't much, but it's enough to float me. But ironically, I have never been paid -- not so much as a penny -- for what is probably the most valuable work I do, my blog TRAVALANCHE ( which is now about to celebrate its 10th birthday. 

Over the past decade I have written well over 7,000 blogposts (4,000 of them are up now, I’ve recently taken down a lot of out-of-date content such as plugs and reviews for shows that closed a long time ago.). An estimated 5 million words! Of the 4,000 posts, somewhere around half of those are biographical articles about show business figures: vaudeville, burlesque, circus and sideshow performers, great stage and screen actors, slapstick and silent comedians, great writers and the like. Some of them are famous people upon whom I’ve put my own spin; many others are long forgotten. There are many people I’ve written about on Travalanche for whom MINE IS THE ONLY ONLINE ARTICLE. What else? I’ve written appreciations about specific movies and television shows,: book, movie and museum reviews, on and on and on. I calculate I’ve put over 15,000 man-hours into Travalanche over the past decade. Many scholars, writers, film buffs etc use it as a resource, I've got 7,000 subscribers, approaching 2 million page views. And its climbing. Last month’s pageviews were four times what they were in June.

And here’s the kicker. I’ve never been paid a dime. Why haven’t I monetized it before? Well, I wanted to hit some magic numbers. And until now I haven’t needed to, and now I need to. I'm a full-time ME! Nice work if you can get it, but as with my brother hobos, my exertions just about barely keep me alive. And naturally, with your generous contributions I'll make improvements! I can subscribe to certain archive services to enhance blogposts past, present and future. I can improve the readability of the page. And I may be able to undertake a celebrity interview show biz podcast I've long wanted to undertake! But every little but helps. You can chip in for AS LITTLE AS A DOLLAR A MONTH. 

As for REWARDS: every one who gives will get one -- many and frequent ones! As a "gimme" and "added value", all my Patreon subscribers will receive the video and audio clips that I might have included in Travalanche posts, but have stopped doing because they always go dead (usually because they have been removed from youtube). 

Who introduced me to Patreon? The great writer/comedian SARA BENINCASA is the one who sold me on the concept, although it has literally taken me years to get to get around to taking her very good advice. And writer/comedian JOHN DEVORE was also instrumental, as was the eternal personal example of KELLY "KILLY" DWYER. I endorse them as much as myself here, but I especially endorse myself. You can stop reading now -- and start reading my blog Travalanche! And perhaps watch the attached video, which undoubtedly will want to make you smack my face. Be my guest, but please know that I charge ten bucks a crack for the privilege. 

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