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is creating YouTube videos of travel, outdoor adventure, and vanlife
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About Trent & Allie

Hi! 👋 We're Trent & Allie from Salt Lake City 👨🔧👩🎨 and last summer we took a leap of faith after fully converting our first van into a mobile tiny home. We traveled across the PNW and Canada exploring some of the greatest mountain bike trails, the people and cities around them, and enjoyed the raw, uncut realities of vanlife.

We fell completely in love with vanlife-- fast forward to summer 2018 where we have sold our previous van, converted out a brand new bigger, better model (Pamela Vanderson), and are traveling the world and taking you along for the ride! 

Our purpose is to live with intention and cultivate connection and community in unexpected places, all while experiencing new cultures, cuisines, and creative adventures. Our mission is to share these moments through videos that inspire you to live your dream, whatever it may be, and offer a little nature, adventure, and humor along the way. 🐶🤠

THANK YOU for helping us pursue our dreams... now get out there and love the life you live!

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