Trevor H. Cooley is creating Fantasy Novels such as The Bowl of Souls Series and Tallow Jones

Moonrat Slayer

$5 /mo
You emerge from the Tinny Woods bloodied, but victorious. The Moonrat Mother curses your name.

-You gain access to my Patreon feed where I will post constant updates on my writing progress and i...


Guide and Tracker

$10 /mo
You are a veteran of the wilds and know your way in the lands.

- You receive all rewards from the previous tier.

- Your name will be listed in the Thank You Section of each book I write w...


You . . . Are . . . Deathclaw!

$20 /mo
Despite your diminutive stature, you are to be respected and feared. You have proven yourself to be a worthy member of the Big and Little People Tribe.

-You will receive all rewards from previou...


Dark Wizard Hunter

$50 /mo
Evil fears your coming.

- You receive all rewards from previous tiers

- The first month you receive a signed deck of Universal cards.

- Every second month you are part of this tier...


Protector of the Grove

$100 /mo
You have become one of the major players. The Prophet offers you his counsel.

-You receive all rewards from previous Tiers

-I will mentor you in your own writing. This means that I will r...



$200 /mo
You have become part of the story.

-You receive all rewards from previous tiers.

-In addition, you can have a minor character named after you. Or name a minor character. Do you want to be...



$1,000 /mo
You help to build the world.

I know it's a crazy shoot the moon amount, but if you're willing to go here, I really want to reward your generosity.

-You receive all...