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We’re asking for your support to help us continue making Treyf - a monthly anarchist Jewish podcast recorded in occupied Tio'tia:ke (Montreal), Kanien’kehá:ka territory. We’ve been working on this show for over 6 years now! And over this time we’ve engaged with ideas, questions, and voices that are often excluded from mainstream Jewish spaces. Monthly donations have helped make all this possible, covering the costs of the show so that we can stick to producing it.

When we started Treyf, our goal was to bring anti-racist & anti-colonial leftist perspectives to the political discussions happening in Jewish communities. Where we live, the Institutional Jewish Community favours reactionary & right-wing perspectives, often in explicit support of settler colonialism and white supremacy. It’s very bad! We created Treyf to share alternatives to these politics, to engage listeners with radical leftists ideas, and profile those putting these ideas into practice.

Over the last six years, the show has evolved. When we started Treyf, our focus was mostly Jewish media criticism, responding to political conversations happening in the Jewish communities around us. We gradually shifted away from the media cycle (who can keep up?), focusing on alternatives to mainstream Jewish politics & profiling many of the initiatives that make up today’s radical Jewish Left.

Over the past two years, the show has further evolved toward an emphasis on broader issues, with themed episodes and series. It also saw us leave the recording studio to facilitate our ‘Deconstructing Anti-Semitism’ workshop in over a dozen cities. We’re excited about where the show is headed, and have received a lot of positive feedback, but this format has also proven more time intensive for us to produce.

Treyf is just the two of us and it takes a lot of our time. We’ve been incredibly lucky to have access to CKUT and are immensely grateful for all the supporters who help cover the costs of the show that we’d previously been paying for out of pocket.

As we look to the future of Treyf, we’re asking for ongoing financial support so we can continue to cover our costs, expand the topics and issues we cover, and improve the quality of the show. We want to keep engaging with challenging political ideas, speaking with movement elders, travelling to cover events, and finding and airing more archival footage.

We’re asking for your help to make sure we can dedicate the time it takes to keep this project going. You’d be surprised how much time it takes to come up with new jokes about the war on Christmas & sectarian bagel preferences ;)

In love and struggle from Treyf HQ,
Sam and David
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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