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This is our virtual launch... Which is great, because now you never accidentally hit the band. And you contribute to ensuring the continued space for the band. So, thanks.

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Sweeping change comes from sweeping change, but this is the internet, so welcome to the Vanguard... Broom. BroomGuard. We humbly thank you for your service.

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Here's our mission:
Founded in 1993, Tricklock Company, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is a nonprofit arts organization dedicated to supporting new theatrical work, connecting communities, and cultivating international diplomacy through the performing arts.
Right now, here's what that means:
We, Tricklock Company, operate space in downtown Albuquerque, lovingly referred to as T-Lab, that many local (and international) artists call home. It is a place for gathering, creating, training, and exploring. Entire universes have been built up and torn down and built up again. Every year, we host Revolutions International Theatre Festival, a three-week event that gathers artists from all over the world to present their work to Albuquerque. Revo2020 had just launched when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. We are scrambling to recoup what we can, but we have lost thousands and thousands of dollars. Visas, accommodations, airline tickets, marketing, programs, technical builds- all lost. Our artists and staff have offered to refund the company what has been paid so far, but it is incredibly important to us that they retain their livelihood. Tricklock is dedicated to getting them paid in full. We also need to make up for the loss of funds paid out, lost contracts, ticket sales, etc. It is a devastating situation, as the magnitude of the COVID-19 virus hit when we were already in the throes of the festival and we are now trying to manage the loss. Every company member, as well as beloved members of our community, is rallying to ensure T-Lab can reopen its doors when it is safe to do so. Juli and Elsa are submitting grant applications; Dahveed is working with airlines; Katie and Rhi are managing the GoFundMe campaign; Diana is working with the city; Katy is digify-ing our training programs; Bridget is working on administration duties; Laura is managing the box-office fallout; Eddie is overhauling T-Lab; Aaron is creating digital content; Echo is managing this Patreon! There is so much work being done, and there is still so much work to do. There's no reason to shy away from it: T-Lab is on unstable ground. Although the show cannot go on in this moment, operating expenses can--and are. Every dollar earned through Patreon goes directly to supporting T-Lab, and members of this community who call it home.

So, welcome. And thank you for your support.
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At $400 per month, the maintenance costs of T-Lab like internet, toilet paper, and ~disenfectant~ are offset, so the focus can be toward mad art instead of keeping up with the costs of being human.
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