is creating modern programming framework for AmigaOS and compatibles

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Like you, we are Amiga fans and we do not want this computer to remain just a museum exhibit. We believe that it can gain new users and be, as it used to be, an ideal solution for home use.
The most important problem now is the lack of new software. We decided to do something to change it.
We are working on a modern programming language and framework that will dramatically reduce the time it takes to create Amiga programs and allow even a novice programmer to do it, being also an ideal environment for learning programming.

The main features of the new language are:
  • very easy syntax that does not require creating of functions or classes to write simple program,
  • runtime errors are caught and reported instead of freezing the entire computer,
  • has all constructions available in modern programming languages such as namespaces, classes, properties, interfaces, extensions, lambdas, generics, annotations and others,
  • compiles program to native executable,
  • supports all AmigaOS-like systems.

The main features of the new framework are:
  • can be used with our new language and with C language,
  • is a set of components that implement the functionality used to write applications,
  • allows to fully control the appearance and structure of UI elements,
  • provides source code compatibility between all AmigaOS-like systems,
  • is simple to use, does not require knowledge of pointers arithmetic, so can be easily used even by novice developers.

This project needs your support! To keep development going quickly and to reduce time between successive editions, at least one person must work on this project full time. To make it possible, funding is needed to cover the costs of salary, social security and taxes. If you like this project and want it to progress, please support it.

To read more about this project visit  API2 home page

Amiga and AmigaOS are either registered trademarks or trademarks of their owner.
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