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About lauka

Hello all Patreons, I'm Jaakko Laurikainen, better known as lauka online. My profession is Embedded Software Architect, with over 10 years of experience on the field. On my freetime, I have been creating a flight controller firmware called Triflight. The implementation started at the Q2/2015, with a goal of improving the Cleanflight/Betaflight performance for tricopters. I have already invested hundreds of hours into development and testing of this firmware. The firmware has hundreds of users around the world, now it is possible to show your appreciation for the work I have done. Even the smallest donations are hugely appreciated!

I want to give big thanks to:
  • David Windestål and his wife from for the hardware donations, testing/feedback and the setup videos! This wouldn't have been possible without you.
  • Community at forums, the firmware wouldn't be at the point it is now without your ideas, sparring and testing.
  • Special thanks to Bengt-M and leothehuman for helping with the firmware development!

Please find the firmware releases at Github:
Join us in discussion forums at
David's setup video playlist in Youtube:

Roadmap for 2017:
  1. Integrate the Triflight changes to Betaflight
  2. Integrate the Triflight changes to iNav
  3. Cleanup the code, optimize where possible for faster looptimes
  4. Testing and tuning for best possible out of the box experience for tricopters.
  5. Create video for comparing the stock Betaflight with the Triflight additions
  6. Once we are sure that the changes are improving the performance for tricopters, create a pull requests to merge the changes to the master repos.