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About Trio Travels

Why Trio Travels is on Patreon
Hey Guys! It’s Brad, Krista and Cole also known as "Trio Travels!"
Thanks for coming to our Patreon page.
If you’ve watched our videos you know who we are and what we are up to.

If you have been following us, you probably know we’ve put up almost 200 hundred videos for the world to see, some short, most are longer, but they are all stories of our adventurous travel, most of them onboard our sailing Catamaran, Saltair 3.
We've enjoyed sharing our experiences with you, with the whole world. 
We're hoping we can inspire others to live a life more simple yet so much more adventurous! 
We have always loved travel and always owned a sailboat. When Brad was just 21 years old he bought his first one, a 24' Islander Bahamas full keel sailboat. Eventually he ended up living aboard as he opened up a restaurant back in 1993!
We got married in 2001 just 3 days before 9/11.
Together we've had 4 ocean sailing boats in our married life always saving to upgrade and graduate to a slightly newer and slightly bigger boat.
When Cole was born we had just bought our Hunter 34' sailboat and Cole loves to say that he's been on Sailboats since he was 8 days old! 

Together as a family we sailed as often as we could all throughout the West Coast of Canada and we all loved it... In 2012 when Cole was just 7 years old we began our discussion about sailing the world and what it would take to do such a thing... Let me tell you the decisions aren't easy but the excitement is contagious and the adventure is worth it! 
When we finally decided to sell our house we began selling off all of the things we had accumulated and would no longer need... from winter clothing to bicycles to vehicles and toys some larger than others. It was a lot of work but we were excited about what the future held.
Here's a short video sharing just a few of the many many things we sold...

Why do I tell you all this...? Well our goal has always been to inspire others the might be thinking of a similar life change, to go for it! Through our challenges and our triumphs, our trials and our errors, our emotional highs and and our emotional lows, we hope you will see that you can do it too! We want you to be able to look at our life shared so openly and say..." Hey we can do this, they went through it and it worked out fine!"  We want to inspire you to keep on moving forward to realizing your Dream! 
What ever you take away... we hope we have inspired you!
We've been at this all for awhile now and our website is full of other interesting information too. Check it out when you have time

I'm pretty sure you can understand why we've got a Patreon page. Video production takes up a lot of time and effort. So we thought if we inspire you, maybe you might like to inspire us!
It doesnt take much, a dollar two dollars or maybe more  : )  Without your help we couldn't continue on with our video production...
There are lots of chanels out there these days. When we started we were one of the few family's sharing their sailing adventures on Youtube. We hope to keep it real, to make you feel like you are right there with us, seeing what we see and learning from what we do... or just being entertained by our adventures.

To make interesting videos to share with you at home, we need to always be “on”, by that I mean taking the video camera with us everywhere we go, always ready to capture whatever we are doing, seeing and experiencing, all the time.
It only takes an instant to miss an interesting or exciting experience that we could have caught on camera. Focus and dedication, we need to always be ready.
Video Editing takes time, lots of time. I won’t go into detail, but a 20 minute video takes 10-15 hours of editing and working with the footage before it's done.
That’s a lot of effort for a 20 minute video!
Add in the downloads and the uploads, the screening and deleting of the bad footage, the external file saving for backup safety, and by the time it’s worked and edited into a tidy little 20 minute movie, we’ve spent a loads of hours just getting it ready to Upload and share on YouTube. Then the "upload" stage... internet out here on a sailboat is nothing like what we were used to back living on land and the crazy speeds you all are used to now! I was told the other day about 125 mbps download and upload speeds! Thats 125,000 bits per second! I have yet to experience over 125 kbps which is 125 bits per second.
Remember the old "Dial up speeds"!? That's what we get and we seem to always have to leave the boat to find it.
Well enough of my complaining! We love what we do and we hope you do too! 
I hope you can see by all our previous videos that we want to share all our experiences with you, our friends out there in cyber space.
We don’t need much, but every little bit you can pledge we will put towards helping to keep the Trio Travel Videos coming.
We’re not begging for money, we’ve saved for this adventure and we budget strongly daily for it. We're simply trying to inspire others to follow their dreams and we're hoping that you will enjoy our videos and maybe inspire us too, with a little support.

Please Support us on Patreon and we will take you vicariously with us along the way! We will show you many more wondrous people, places and things, and share with you all our amazing experiences, with insight into how we did it, and all through the wonders of video, on YouTube.

Life is simple out here and we don't need much to keep us going. We're good at budgeting and we only need a little help to keep the videos coming. We've gone through 3 GoPro cameras now and 2 computers out here in this tough marine environment.

We tip at restaurants after good service, heck we occasionally tip after bad service.
We drop a buck or two tip into a buskers guitar case on the street corner for a minute or two of music, and we even tip a guy in a Yellow car just for driving us to the airport.

We’re not begging for money, we just want to give you the opportunity to help keep the videos coming... the opportunity to tip us too! 
Every tip counts, that's how crowd funding works, the power of a crowd and it starts with just one.
We enjoy seeing our Subscriber-ship grow and we love hearing from you in the comments, thank you for that! But we need your help.
Our videos will always stay free on Youtube and new videos will appear for as long as we can, and enjoy producing them.

Help to keep us working at this wonderful job of sharing, travel videoing and editing.
If you do decide to become one of our Patreons, thank you! 
We’ve put together a few little rewards for the different levels of support. Nothing too crazy, they're just an extra little thanks from the three of us, a thanks for helping to keep the Videos alive.

The Adventure and the Videos are only going to get better, you can count on it.
Cheers everyone and thanks!
Brad, Krista and Cole

Check out our website at
$79.20 of $2,000 per Video
It makes all that AWESOME scenery, that much more... AWESOME!
If we make this goal we will get a Drone and start getting some great aerial footage! Footage of the boat in full sail, footage of gorgeous reefs and exotic little Islands, footage of whales and dolphins swimming beside the boat... so much great aerial footage to capture and such a Cool Goal!
Thank you
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 85 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 85 exclusive posts

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