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Umm, I will take your dollar and say thanks :D

Thanks :DDD
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Umm, I will take your dollar and say thanks :D

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I feel like the first video be install gentoo. If anyone wants to give me money for making a video. I don't really want to make a video on programming socks. If I don't think the idea will fit I will apologize and refund the money.

Also if it isn't within my means or requires hardware I don't have, such as review the talos secure workstation or just something awful like compile gentoo on a 486 I will refund it. Actually, Installing gentoo on a 486 would be fun, but I don't have the time :c

Maybe with dist cc. It still would be very difficult though.

Just email me the idea on tripcode!q/[email protected] if the video doesn't work out I will refund your money.

Also I'm gonna use gen-kernel :c if anyone says install gentoo.

I will also say thanks :D




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About tripcode!q/7

I decided I wanted to check out lukes patreon account mumble server. Since, I make videos about programming thinkpads, and GNU/linux stuff, although it is mostly about libreboot, coreboot, and debian. So, I decided if I was gonna have a patron account anyways. I would make one and see how it goes. 

It probably will be one of those pages with a small revenue under $20 though. Hopefully I can use some money from this down the road though as my channel gets a bit bigger. I won't due any sort of paywall thing though.
$20 – reached! per month
After this I will buy a shotgun microphone for my nex5r. That is all I can think off right now.
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