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About KaylaWayla007

Hello everyone. My name is Kayla Shaggy and I create comics, stories, and illustrations. I'm working towards becoming a full-time artist so I can devote my time to creating. As of now, I'm currently working on a comicbook titled THE SIXTH WORLD that combines sci-fi and Native American mythology, specifically, Navajo mythology. Patreons will be able to see sketches, bonus content, and see pages before they are officially released in publications. I welcome questions and comments. Thank you for coming by and I hope you stay!
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When I reach this goal I will be releasing one chapter per month of my comic "THE SIXTH WORLD" that contains 30 pages of content, including sketches and other pre-conceptual material. I will also be drawing other comics and illustrations as well. You also help me with living expenses and food, and fulfilling my dream as a full-time artist. Thank you! I really do appreciate all donations and patreons/
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