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I'll be making youtube videos at least once a month- maybe twice.  Some of these videos will be live improvisations on piano, and some will be more "official" music videos.  In any case, I'll send you a digital copy of the video each time I create it, before it's even posted on youtube!

Video and Song Downloads

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This will be the same as Tier 1, but instead of getting only a video file, you will get the video file and also a separate audio file (WAV) with the audio from the video.  So in most cases, since a lot of the videos will be live improvisations, you'll be getting a digital download of a video and an audio file of an unreleased track!

Video/Song/Advance Copy of New Releases

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This will be the same as Tier 2, but in addition I will send you a digital DL of any and every official release in the future, before it's officially released!  So that means singles, EP's, and even albums!  I'll send them to you before anyone else has access!  




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About Tristan Eckerson


I am a pianist, composer, and producer from Cincinnati, Ohio.  I have been playing piano since I was a child, and since graduating in 2014 from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco with a Master's in Music, I have been making music my full time profession.

But making music a full time profession can be very hard!  My wife, 8 year old son, and I have been crisscrossing the U.S., having adventures and "following the music".  It's a great life, and I wouldn't change a second of it!  But sometimes making a living with music while being a husband a dad can be a little challenging financially.

So that's what brings us here, to Patreon.  My 2018 resolution is to really dig into youtube and create more videos.  I plan on creating music videos on at least a monthly basis, and by becoming my patron on Patreon you will get exclusive access to these videos, and much more!  If you pledge $1/month, I'll send you a digital copy of every video I make, before I even post it on youtube!  If you pledge $2/month, I'll do the same, but I'll also send you a separate audio file for the music in the video- so video and song.  A lot of the videos will be improvisations on piano, so you'll be essentially getting exclusive, unreleased tracks!  And if you pledge $5 a month, I'll do all of that, and I'll give you free downloads of every single, EP, or album I release, before I release it!


$22.35 of $500 per month
When I hit $500 a month on Patreon, I will invest in a nice set of microphones, stands, and cords to record my piano in pristine stereo, as well as acoustic foam and some software upgrades to bring my piano recordings to the next level!
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