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Allows you to see my Patron-only posts. They're not too special, maybe mildly humorous at best.

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Gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling on the inside. Of course that's not natural, so you should consult a doctor.

Note: Any reward that has a smaller do...

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Feel free to shoot me an email, but not in the head. Ask or talk about anything and I'll respond with 100% certainty.

PS: In the subject line of the ema...

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Have your Patreon username appear in the very next video I make. It'll probably be at the end of the video, but nevertheless, it will be magical. Okay, it won't...

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How does a Skype chat sound? Yes, you can have my Skype handle at this point (I'll give it to you via email). This will just be a messaging-only experience tho...

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Wow, $100? With that kind of money I can buy some happiness or a small township in Canada. And, unless you find my videos giving you happiness, then I can't gi...

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I don't think anyone will donate more than this, but hey, prove me wrong (that was a weak attempt to try to get you to donate $250, sorry). You'll get a cu...

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And this point, I should probably worship you for basically providing my rent. Actually, I won't, but I'll email you my dignity. As for the reward itsel...