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Trivia Club is a live game show that has run live events across Canada, has hosted a network of different podcasts, and now streams a live trivia event every Tuesday from the Trivia Clubhouse. Remember it's not what you know, it's what you learn along the way!

Hello, one and all, my name is Russel Harder. The man with the bow-tie. As the child of Trivial Pursuit playing parents and an avid reader of Disney Adventure magazine as a kid, I have always had a love for trivia. One night of competition at pub trivia was all the inspiration I needed and soon after I began producing and hosting Trivia Club monthly, then bi-weekly, and then weekly at multiple locations throughout Toronto.

Trivia Club is an ever evolving trivia event. In it's live format it's three rounds, with the night's champions walk away with a Golden VHS! With Trivia Club, I've looked to engender a friendly, competitive atmosphere but also build a community of like-minded folks. The motto of Trivia Club is also its organizing philosophy..."it's not what you know, it's what you learn along the way", which to me means though confidence is key, communication with your teammates and an appreciation for the gamesmanship of it all is just as important. It allows those who take part in Trivia Club to live in the moment and leave on any given night with lasting memories. Myself included.

The pandemic changes what I'm able to do with live events, of course. To keep both myself and my partner, who is part of the high risk population, safe and secure Trivia Club will not be able to be hosted by myself in bars and restaurants as it had been before until there is a widely available vaccine. Due to the ramifications of COVID-19 that are still unknown in fact, live events of all kinds are still very much up in the air. So a long term shift to digital events is necessary. Trivia Club needs to become a podcast and it needs to becoming a streaming and recorded event. Yes, after giving away so many Golden VHS... Trivia Club needs to put itself on tape!

I record 1 episode of Trivia Club LIVE from the Trivia Clubhouse every week, so at least 4 recorded events a month, or approx. 50 event for the year. 

Trivia Club is written, produced, and hosted by myself. The biggest form of income used to be from our live Trivia Club events. This helped pay not only for production of the events but for the hours of work put into research and development for those live events, not to mention Extra Curricular games like Saturday Night Live Fantasy League. With no more live events this may not be sustainable. But their is a way to make these sustainable in the long term: your Patreon pledges

THANK YOU! Trivia Club would not be possible, it could not be a club, without the participants. I had initially set up a Patreon to help with podcasting, but with the growth of our live events across Canada, I had to take a step back and put my energy behind one project to make the most out of it. Since the beginning of the pandemic I've been thinking of returning to  Patreon. As Trivia Club continues in the Trivia Clubhouse, Patreon will help stabilize the event through the pandemic as we continue to find our feet away from "live events".

For one-time support we've also set up a PayPal link on the Trivia Club website as well! So if you'd rather "tip" Trivia Club that way then we appreciate your support!

If you you're thinking, "I enjoy Trivia Club but I'm not in a place to pay you anything thanks to the pandemic." Thank for all of your support! You are in no way obligated! If you’ve always enjoyed the live events, or the live streams, but aren't able to donate to Patreon at this time, that is totally cool. Your investment in Trivia Club does not need to go any further then your time. I’m just happy to have you out at Trivia Club, thanks for learning along the way with me!
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Trivia Clubhouse will be able to continue as a regular Tuesday night event.
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