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About trixxie carr

I am a musician, drag artist and playwright from San Francisco, and am one of the first faux queens in the nation (possibly world?) to perform regularly and ferociously in a field usually thought of as 'for men'.  I have written two albums  and have new music which I would like to tour, I want to tour my cabaret tributes such as MissIntegration (the entire Disintegration album played with a live band as close to note perfect as possible while also performing it as a drag show with costumes/props/etc.) as well as being a drag revolutionary, which compels me to attempt to tour both on my own and with other queens in order to pollinate communities (including our own) with our particular stye of avant garde art. My plays: 'Hold Me Closer, Tiny Dionysus', 'Salome, Dance for Me', 'herSELF' (sf/nola).

I am obsessed with bringing what I consider 'good' music (new wave/punk/goth/glam/rarities) to new generations, as well as celebrating it being played through massive sound systems for those of us who know it already and rarely get to hear it, and this includes my own original music created with both 'real' instruments as well as many virtual ones.  I want to make more music and music videos, and consider a lot of what I do in drag live music video action.  I remain politically outspoken both in and outside of my art, and love latex, The Cure and puppies.  And otters.  And redwood trees.  I am ready to travel internationally and get. it. on!
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Making music videos to accompany my original songs and putting out a brand new album this year!

Coordinating touring opportunities and dates within the US to pollinate other cities with my/our (I'm hoping to tour with other artists from SF) crazy art/music.

Sending me and at least three or more other drag artists to festivals and events in the UK (including at least Manchester and London but hopefully other cities as well).

Coordinating a massive event that is still secret at this point. ;)
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