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Access to any and all of my TROONATNOOR publications, including novels, guides, and music, including the 'Welcome to the New World Order' trilogy banned by Amazon et al




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Saving THE JEWS, and all the rest of us, from THE 'CULT OF JUDAH, a.k.a  'JEW' WORLD ORDER  

NOTE YOU DO NOT NEED TO BECOME A PATRON TO DOWNLOAD ANY OR ALL OF MY BOOKS. IN FACT I WANT YOU TO DOWNLOAD AND SHARE THEM ALL. IT IS UNFAIR OF COURSE, TO WORK FOR OTHERS FOR NOTHING, BUT MY MAIN OBJECTIVE IS TO LIBERATE YOU, SO I CAN LIVE FREE AMONG THE FREE. OTHERWISE I WILL HAVE TO ABANDON THIS PLANE-ET. Many of my books have been BANNED by Amazon et al. So if you want the chance to inform your consent, or dissent, DOWNLOAD the entire library now. By the time you realise how important some of these books are to your own liberation, they will have been 'bleached' from the web, and from reality. The library includes about 2 dozen TROONATOOR books, including very practical guides for audio engineering, Reaper, vocal training,  lucid dreaming, diet, novels, science fiction, fantasy, romance, erotica, and philosophy. You can search 'TROONATNOOR' and find the books which have not been BANNED at the various online bookstores.I am about  optimalising your personal potential for happiness, success, health, and intellectual - emotional freedom, covering everything of value from N.L.P to David Hume.  Of course you can no longer watch any of my hundreds of Youtube videos as my account was terminated. But now you can go to Bitchute and!/c/troonatnoor  If you want to support my work, and empower me with resources to do the greatest good for YOU, email me  [email protected]
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When I reach this target I will be able to pay for an internet connection in my flat. Right now I only have very limited  internet access at the public library. This is my first target. Any and all money YOU provide will go towards producing content, and making current content more accessible to more people, and to attempt to bypass censorship. If I earned a million dollars, it would all go to freeing humanity, and all other sentient beings on this planet, from their current slavery
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