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Thank you so much for joining me on this experimental voyage of writing, art, and general creativity!  For my lowest possible tier of $1 a month, I wanted to make sure my patrons were still very happy, satisfied, content, and still excited to see what I have to offer, what I have on store for this page, and where I’m taking this artistic odyssey. I also wanted everyone donating to feel like they were getting some serious T-roy booty, and no, I don’t mean a lap dance from yours truly (even though there may be a couple dollar bills flying around).


Below are the list of Benefits for patronage for just a single dollar a month:

  • Exclusive Content only found here
  • Polls and Voting Ability
  • Behind-The-Scenes and Early Access
  • Unpublished Designs
  • Giveaways
  • Personalized Welcoming Postcard feat. my artwork ($1 value)
  • Autographed Paperback Copy of My Debut Novel, Do I Bother You At Night? (plus I’ll handle the s/h in sending it to you) ($20 value)
  • Decorative "Acorn" Tile As Seen Above from the T-roy Tree
  • Life Updates
  • In depth Blogs with Detailed Photos
  • Automatic subscription to upcoming newsletter
  • Surprise gifts all year round ($?)
  • Digital Hug Right Away, REAL Hug When We Meet IRL ❤️🤗 (Priceless)


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-{{Introducing an Affordable New Tier at $2/a month!}}-

You so rock!  Thank you for the support!  For $2 a month, not only do you get all of the loot from the $1 patronage, but you also get a lovely new monogramed keychain with my artwork, exclusively through this Patreon page, but also four Decorative Paper Coasters, and another Decorative Tile featuring the ridiculously adorable little seedling pic above.

Includes EVERYTHING from the previous $1 Tier PLUS:

  • Four Special Paper Coasters ($10 value)
  • Special Keychain from Tribal Style Design ($20 value)
  • A special decorative "Seedling" Tile like seen above


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Really? You like me THAT much? THANK YOU! I really like you too! I know $3 a month doesn't sound like it wouldn't help much but TRUST ME it actually does, and you are so noticed and appreciated, because it truly does help.  It absolutely helps, and I want to return the favor to you for joining me here on this artistic odyssey, so for this patronage you'll receive everything from tier 1 and 2 but also two Wood coasters and a decorative tile of the little sprout above, as well as all the good stuff from the previous two tiers.

Includes EVERYTHING from both previous Tiers PLUS:

  • Two Wood Coasters from Tarwood Studios ($60 value)
  • Decorative "Sprout" Tile as seen above




per month


:{Hi.  I'm Troy, but please call me T-roy (aka Trizzlepuffs)}:  

A kind and loving welcome to my Patreon page, friend. I'm so honored and excited that you've found me in the vast and thickening webs of the Internets. I hope you enjoy your time here, as well as the goodies coming your way for supporting me, if you choose to do so.

As a bit of 411 on me, I consider myself a Creator or a Creative, whichever you prefer. I've been an autodidactic artist and writer my entire life (drawing since I was five, writing since I was eleven), and can’t wait to share my life’s work with you. I have so many awesome things to share and show and give, from special never before seen artwork, progress shots, life updates, customized jobs, artistic experimentations, and rough sketches, to more time-lapses, secret old school pieces to help encourage your own progression, special screen shots and wallpapers, exclusive blog content that I don't share anywhere else, and sneak peek behind the scenes of how I make these creations. I hope to turn this into a real community with real people who love, appreciate, and enjoy my artwork and writing, learn from my style to improve on their own, and perhaps even be inspired by it.  If I inspire you to pick up a pen and draw, then I have done my job. If you've learned how to be better at it because of me, then I excelled at it. 

What is Patreon, and how does a subscription work?

Patreon is an online platform designed to help support artists and creatives to continue doing what they do best. In return for your monthly subscription of patronage, you can pick from a variety of rewards and benefits depending on how much you are willing to donate. For me, here on this page, based on your pledge, I'll send you everything from special postcards highlighting my artwork with a note just to you, autographed copies of my debut novel Do I Bother You At Night?, keychains, coasters, original one of a kind canvases and wood art, and more. But no matter what your pledge, you'll get exclusive content, a major say in the way I build and drive this creative career of mine, and special announcements and early access before anyone else. And with that subscription, I'll be able to fully devote my time and efforts toward not only making art and writing stories, but funding my growth as an artist and writer with mentorships, new supplies, new tools, and a new way to fund, not only my life, but my creativity as a whole.  Here is the official Patreon video of how all this beautiful stuff works.

So Why Me? Why a T-roy?   

That is a fabulous question to ask, and one I ask myself all the time.  Why the heck are they donating to me? Well, the short answer is because they believe in me.  They know what my dreams and goals are and they want to help support them and make them a reality. And my job is to keep them entertained, informed, and happy with my creations, gifts, and benefits I provide to them for this subscription. I want to devote my life to creative living and Patreon and your contribution will help make that happen.

And please know, I don't take your patronage lightly. You have decided to help make this artist's life a little easier each month and that means the absolute world to me.  Which is why I share parts of my life on here that I don't elsewhere, intimate parts, embarrassing parts, happy parts. This is a community and a family that I want to keep and cherish and grow for a long time. I want to share all the exciting news of where Tarwood Studios will be featured, or a new design idea I had for Tribal Style Design, or even the latest short story or novel that I'm kicking around.

This is my creative offering to the world, and you're helping me make that happen.   

Connect with me elsewhere:
Facebook profile/FB Page
Instagram (Where I got the Trizzlepuffs moniker)

And be sure to check out my other ventures for more direct art and writing related news:
Tribal Style Design
Tarwood Studios
Amazon Author Page

One last note: I cannot express to all of you enough how grateful and eternally appreciative I am to your donations, your continued support, and the love you show by helping me in this artistic odyssey of mine.  Please understand, to have a steady, sustainable, PREDICTABLE income is nothing short of a miracle for any artist or writer and a total sea change for the art and writing communities as a whole, and all of you beautiful people and your gracious charity makes that magical fantasy a reality for this creative.  Financial independence through creative independence all while building deeper relationships with my top fans and creating better books, art, and content directly for you is what I strive for with this membership.     

Thank you again for visiting & have fun.

Love, light, hugs,


Note: My Patreon Page uses the "Charge Upfront" option so you will be charge as soon as you pledge. Note: You can edit or even cancel a pledge at any time and I'll still love you to bits.
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An extra $100 a month helps ANYONE out, but for an artist, $100 goes a loooong way in helping with everyday life so we can focus more on making content as well as new creations & experiments with new mediums without the stress knowing there is a sizable cushion of funding and love.  When I reach hundred dollars a month my top three most charitable patrons will receive a blanket and pillow featuring my mandala designs.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 27 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 27 exclusive posts

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