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Hello, Patrons. My name is Troy B LeBlanc. I have been writing music for over 20 years and God is giving the green light to share the music with you. I am a veteran of The Gulf War, a missionary since 1995, and the owner of a production company in San Antonio.

Throughout all my journeys, to 19 countries, I have been in some experienced that I can testify - God reached down and touched my life, healed my body and gave my mind and heart peace. The songs you will hear were birthed in those moments. 

About 10 years ago a vision scribbled on a piece of paper in pencil - I still have it as a reminder to be faithful - began to emerge, encouraging and developing a platform to support young artists to fulfill their destiny in their craft. We are now getting a chance to walk in vision given so long ago. 

Your subscription is going to bring to fruition a Collective of Artists that are going to become dream-makers. The return on investment will not only be the great music you will have access to, I am excited to say, will also bring a ROT, a return on transformation! My goal, EM Records goal, the artists goal is to share the testimony that has overcome by the blood of the lamb. 

So what's up, Troy?
I will tell you, friend!

We have gone through 180 songs written over 20 years and narrowed down the best of what we think will make 9 Collections of music. Different styles, genres, and influences just like life has different experiences and depths of learning of our hearts. We would like to release every year an Acoustic Collection and a Professionally Recorded Collection. Plus live concerts on tour and privy concerts for JUST YOU here at Patreon. 

Thank you for subscribing. You really are one of our greatest inspirations and your participation makes you a dream-giver. Every life touched by the music is because of your being a part of The Journey - Making of the Music!

Visit the following websites for more information:
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Well this is an exciting moment! We are ready to launch the first Collection of Nine, Abandoned Heart, and launch our recording studio. With your subscription, you are joining us on The Journey: Making of a Musician. Helping us to grow the studio, the music and provide an avenue for other up and coming artists within the EM Records Community.

This goal gives us the monthly resources to achieve these objectives:
The full production of the Abandoned Heart Collection.
Acquiring the necessary equipment to develop our recording studio.
Take Abandoned Heart on Tour in 2019.
Development of Collection 02 You Come Walkin' (Soul Album)

Plus, a lot off new music being developed along the way. The river is flowing and we are flowing with it! Thank you for being a part of the vision with us. Please know that I am grateful for whatever Tier you decide to choose.
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