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About Troy Hadeed

I was born in Trinidad & Tobago and have lived here for pretty much my entire life, with the exception of my time at university along with regular stints of travel. I have been many things in the last two decades, but most recently I would probably be known as a Yoga teacher, not a writer. The reality is that at age ten I wrote my first letter to the editor, a letter to president George W. Bush, Saddam Hussein, and Mikhail Gorbachev; it would appear that I was on a mission. Truth is that I have always known that I would one day be an author, and still consider myself to be 'on a mission.'

I have absolutely no interest in writing for the entertainment of readers, for me personally that would be an inauthentic use of my energy and time. Everyone has their calling fuelled by that burning desire, entertainment is not mine. I also do not consider myself an artist that is confined to writing as their sole form of self-expression, I would prefer my life is my outlet of self-expression. I have always said that if I did not believe the practice of Yoga increased our capacity to love, and reconnected us to the God of our own understanding, that I would walk away from it immediately. I feel pretty much the same way about writing. If my writing did not give the reader more clarity for life and their place in it while inspiring them to become a more understanding, compassionate, loving Human; then it would be a waste. Rest assured however, that I believe life is filled with true joy, laughter, and lightheartedness. So it is with a dash of authenticity, magic, and wonder that I would hope my writing inspires its readers.

There is so much coming through the pipeline that it would be hard to say exactly what type of material you can expect me to create, but there are a few things already in motion that are sure to be completed. First there is a series of kids books to come, of which the first has already been written and awaits its illustrator. Then there is a book I was inspired to write when I was nineteen, or at least its title inspired me; its content and approach has gained clarity over the last two decades. Most recently loaded and in embryonic stage is an inspiring and moving story of real-life experiences and fictional timelines that will leave you undoubtedly remembering that your are part of something bigger.

The thing is that I also run a yoga studio full time, travel to teach yoga, am building an online yoga studio, and sometimes get a bit caught up in the responsibilities, as well as the joys of living. If I could be sure that these books would be read, or even published, then I would have finished them some time ago. So short of a publisher that will walk into my life and hand me a monetary deal giving me no choice but to sit my ass down to write, I figured why not write for you instead. Rather than feel like I was sitting to write for no reason, with your support and funding, I know I am being funded to write and that I am writing for you. With your support it gives me not only accountability to deliver but also the reasoning that my time is being well spent and will contribute in some way to the betterment of mankind and the world we live in. I have no intention of self-publishing these books, that would be a last resort. I am seeking out a literary agent, a publisher, and will one day be on the Oprah show.

With your help I commit to writing for a minimum of 6 hrs a week, and assure you that I will not only complete these works, but that they will contribute towards shaping a society and a world that knows more compassion and love than it does today, a world where we remember who WE are and what We are a part of.


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