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Because... A CAPPELLA! That's why!

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3 Milestone Goals
New equipment & peace for my neighbors!
$750 per video
With this new goal, I'll invest in lighting equipment (= better videos for you) and sound-proof the small room I record in. Stop bugging my neighbors!
Wow, that would be AMAZING!
$1,000 per video
Many new opportunities would come with this milestone! I'd be able to hire help for audio / video production from pros!


Hi! I'm Julien Neel, also known on YouTube as TRUDBOL A CAPPELLA, the one-man barbershop quartet!



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Hi! I'm Julien Neel (Trudbol A Cappella on YouTube). Check out my one man barbershop quartet video above! New song every Thursday!

I enjoy creating a cappella harmonies, a vocal puzzle where I sing all the voices, from bass to tenor! I cover songs ranging from The Beatles, to old classics from the 1900s, to video game themes. I sing in English, French, German, Swedish, Hebrew... A cappella works on anything! :)

I do everything on my own: I sing, record & edit everything from my desk in a small room, with basic equipment. Not much of a studio!

I currently fund my productions on a string budget, with expenses for copyright & arranger fees, software, recording & lighting equipment, countless man hours editing audio & video together. I lack financial back up & stability, I can't do many of the projects I'd like, or hire outside help. I'd love to build a small equipped studio, so that I could streamline my production, thereby enhancing the quality and regularity of my releases... for you!

Now you can become an active supporter of my digital art! By tipping me as little as $1, you can help provide me with resources to improve & continue making free music videos for you all.

Together, let's promote an art form that isn't the usual pop music you'd hear on the radio!
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