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Pennies in Heaven

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"Pennies in Heaven" will be bestowed upon all those pledging $1/mo to True Aiki  By pledging now you have everything to gain, and nothing to lose. 

Clear Conscience

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"Make a difference"

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"Be the Change" in the Aiki community that you want to see, by pledging $10/mo to support True Aiki.  When you benefit from the information shared on True Aiki so do thousands of others around the ...

"True Aiki Supporter"

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Support the existence of True Aiki now and into the future when you Pledge $20/mo.  Time can work for or against us.  Time presents the opportunity to present more information and insight to people...

True Aiki Sustainer

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"Help Build the Dream"

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A visionary's dreams are blueprints to a future reality.  What is your dream for True Aiki?