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Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time to visit my Patreon page.
Since I started True crime grapple it's been a blast. My initial concept was to do 2 different shows, One on Wrestling and one on True crime. As time went on I found that I was wearing too many hats and have since stopped doing the wrestling show. 
The true crime show continues to grow and improve. As of March 2019 the show went from being just me doing everything to it now being a team effort that includes 2 writers and a sound editor as well as myself. 
So now going forward as a team, we're looking to bring the best possible product to our loyal listeners and I feel excited and confident we can do this.
I hope that if you're looking at this page you will consider joining us on our journey going forward and hopefully in the future we can transition from a bi-weekly format into a weekly format. For this to happen we need to plan and do so at the correct time but also could use your support.
As fun as podcasting is, it's not a free thing to do. There are continuing monthly costs to cover and to keep the show moving onwards and upwards it would be awesome if you could pledge a small amount to us and in doing so you'll be eligible for exclusive perks.

Perks will include a shout out at the beginning of the show for your Patreon pledge and also there will be bonus shows, again, exclusive to you!
Thanks for reading and for your support.

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When I reach this goal I will create a website that will include blogs, listener interaction , easy links to show episodes and other cool things.
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