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party people

$1 /mo
thank you for your support! for $1 a month you'll gain access to a patreon exclusive discord!

cool kidz club

$2 /mo

get access to patron exclusive posts, such as:

- art wips
- short writing wips

AND access to a patron exclusive discord! promo your work with other users inside the server!

slightly cooler kidz club

$5 /mo
one icon in any style per month! wow! plus, see my work before it gets posted online! users at this tier also have the option of joining a twice-monthly patreon exclusive art stream hosted on picar...


$10 /mo
wowza! at this level, you get all previous rewards !!PLUS!! one monthly commission in my sketchy full colored style!

i'll promo your content twice a month!



oh worm ?

$15 /mo
holy moly!! get one monthly commission in ANY style [does not stack with $10 tier]

i'll promo your content once a week!

discord users get special roles, access to ...


O H W O R M ?

$25 /mo
i will die for you

not only do you get ALL previous tiers, but you also have the option of receiving a 1-2k~ fic with an illustration in my full colored sketchy styl...