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About Truly Indie Studios

Hey guys! Shaun Piccinino, Brian Suskind, Steve Pisa and the rest of our awesome team here! Thanks so much for checking out our Patreon page!

Who Are We?
We are Truly Indie Studios! A collaboration of passionate, independent filmmakers led by Shaun Piccinino. We've been creating videos for YouTube for a while now and we are the creators of the hit superhero fan series, "Heroes With Issues", and the action packed original series "Six Feet Down Under". 

Why Patreon?
Our "Heroes With Issues" & "Six Feet Down Under" series on our channel has been self-funded. And while that wasn't an issue when we first started. It's finally starting to take it's toll. We need your help to continue to make creative content. 

Our goal has always been to create fun and exciting videos with Hollywood level quality for all of you to enjoy, for FREE! But each new video is requiring a bigger budgets and of course more time. Investments like costumes, props, equipment, locations, etc. Not to mention the time it takes to plan, shoot, and edit/add visual effects, etc.

By supporting us on Patreon you allow us to focus our time on what really matters, making awesome videos for you guys. Including some awesome all new shows we have planned! This means all of you will be able to experience all types of different videos more frequently!

What's In It For You? We have a variety of awesome rewards for fans of all types! Scroll down to check it all out!

Our milestone goals represent our production capabilities both currently and our projected abilities in the future. Of course we are going to film more episodes of our current shows like Six Feet Down Under and Heroes with Issues but we also want to bring you brand new shows. That’s part of what this whole Patreon thing is all about. So below is a rough list of some of our milestones and some hints about what you can get if we reach them!

Patreon Exclusive Heroes with Issue Episode - $500 per month
Truly Indie's Nerd Kore TV - $1,000 per month
Truly Fake Trailers & Commercials - $2,000 per month
Finders Keepers (Original Sci-fi series) - $3,000 per month
A Musical series? - $5,000 per month

And more still to come as we continue to grow.

Truly Indie is not our full time job….at least not yet. In a way, how big we get, and how often we can bring you new shows and exclusives is totally up to you. You’ve seen what we can do on a small budget; imagine what we can do with your help! 

Thanks again for checking us out and if you join the team, we promise we will not let you down!!

Visit our youtube page here:

Or our website:

Here's the trailers for both of our current shows:

Heroes With Issues: 

Six Feet Down Under:

$103.97 of $500 per month
This money will help us create all new episodes of "Heroes With Issues". That means exclusive Patreon episodes! Talent, Costumes & Make Up effects are essential to creating the awesome Super Heroes you see on the show. Every episode is growing in viewership with our last episode receiving almost 400,000 views! Help and become part of the team at Truly Indie Studios!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 50 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 50 exclusive posts

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