Trungles is creating comics and illustrations

$1 Tier

$1 /mo
You'll get early access to completed projects in digital format! I post here before pretty much anywhere else.

$3 Tier

$3 /mo
You will have access to works in progress, sketchbook pages, and preliminary works that otherwise never make it onto the internet!

Postcards from Shoujo-land

$5 /mo
You'll occasionally get a postcard in the mail. These typically come around with conventions. Thanks so much!


$5 /mo
Digital-only, in case you'd just like to add some support without necessarily wanting mailed items. Thank you! <3

Booking It!

$10 /mo
I will send you a copy of new zines, comics, and postcards I print up whenever a convention rolls around.

Double High-Five!

$10 /mo
Digital-only, in case you wanna support but don't necessarily want stuff mailed! <3

First look books!

$15 /mo
I'll send you a pre-con copy of all comics and zines.