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$1 /creation
You'll gain access to my Patreon only stream where I will share with you news about what's coming out next, where I'll be performing and other projects I'm working on.

$3 /creation
In addition to the previous award level, I'll send you digital "behind the scenes" postcards!  Each card will include a photo taken during a performance or production.  I'll sign i...

$5 /creation
In addition to all of the lower reward level gifts, I will host a monthly Google Hangout and as a $5 patron, you will be given access and we can chat, connect, talk music and such....

$10 /creation
In addition to the previous rewards, you will be listed at the end of my next video that follows your contribution as a Patron of my work for whose support I am deeply grateful!  Y...

$25 /creation
I will send you a one-time personal thank you video, my little video-selfie just for you (delivered within one week of your pledge).  In addition, give me your Instagram name and I will follow you!