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About TruVetCommando

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My name is Keith and TruVetCommando is my Ghost Recon Channel on YouTube. My aim is to the freshest news videos on Ghost Recon . I love talking about games, informing people about current events & Ghost Recon news and I love the First Person Shooter Genre. The channel is basically the embodiment of all those things.

My aim on the channel has always been to deliver community focussed Battlefield news. First and foremost, i'm a gamer not a journalist or a 'YouTuber'. I consider myself one of the community - From the community and for the community. I'm one of you guys.

For this reason I will always be pro-consumer. This is what you won't get with other, more 'professional' outlets. I will always voice consumer grievances and issues. There's nobody here to stop me! I will importantly never censor myself for views and mainstream appeal. I never want to shy away from the issues that other might not want to touch. I like to think i can do this in a balanced and objective way as not to undermine others opinions or thoughts. Making sure I let you know the difference between the facts and my opinion, which I feel is not done enough on YouTube. This way, no matter if you agree with me or not on any specific issue, everyone feels free to voice their own opinion without fear of judgement, ridicule or even attack (this is the internet afterall.

The other aim is to provide entertaining content with the best quality YouTube has to offer. Each video i create is recorded in glorious UltraHD 4K with a superior bitrate and quality to the majority of content creators. I am going to focus on content that I would love to watch and would be entertained by.

Keeping this whole thing running isn't easy. It's a lot of work and there are so many uncertainties when trying to make a living producing content on YouTube. Patreon is here to take that pressure off for me. With your support I can pay bills, and make this a full time career , leave my current office job and really push the content further with the aim of providing daily content in the future. I'm not looking for a payday from you guys, I'm looking for security. Anyone who knows the history of the channel will know that I've really struggled in the past and have been though various problems. With the help of the community i was able to keep that future goal in mind of becoming a fulltime Content Creator. For that you will always have my undying gratitude.

If you are on board with what I stand for, my values, and the content i'm aiming to produce, please consider becoming a patron. In return for your help you can get a bunch of rewards. Checkout the full list for details.

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope to chat to you very soon.

Thanks so much
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