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We’re upgrading to LED lights now AKA additional servers, more automation, and a more motivated developer.

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At this point, expenses are covered and you’re funding a whiskey collection. The Ballmer Peak is a real thing.

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* This is primarily geared towards artisans looking to promote their products, but rabid user fandom is also encouraged.



About Try That Soap

THANK YOU! Try That Soap wouldn't be where it is today without the enthusiasm and feedback from you all.

When I started wet shaving, I quickly fell in love with the hobby. Unfortunately, I was completely overwhelmed with all the different soaps and scents that were out there. I recognized common scents like orange, vanilla, and pine, but I had no idea what stuff like bergamot, vetiver, and ambergris were, let alone what they smelled like. This left me pouring over hundreds of scent descriptions trying to find one that sounds like something I might like, and ultimately blind buying soaps.

After seeing a slew of "Recommend me a soap" posts (some of which may have been mine) in the various wet shaving forums, it was obvious that I wasn't the only one having problems deciphering everything.

I created Try That Soap to give you unbiased, personalized recommendations based on the soaps and scents that you like, without the need to know the intricacies of the scents and notes that make up these products.

Today, Try That Soap is the premier wet shaving site. With the database holding over 3,000 wet shaving products from your favorite artisans, various tools including daily shave and den tracking, and new features based on YOUR feedback, the site will only improve.

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