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is creating characters who ruin his plotting.

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You've got your foot in the door, eager to see where this takes you. Maybe you'll fall in love, or maybe it isn't for you.
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It isn't enough that you've read it all and know it by heart, you have to know the backstories too, the small interactions that speak leagues about the characters but didn't make it into the books. These characters are real, and you're here to learn their secrets.
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About T.S. Howard

Thank you for visiting my Patreon.

I'm T.S. Howard, author of the Growing Veil series. I'm currently writing Bloodlust, book three.

As a writer, my goal is to make you cry, laugh, and learn. Right now, I write part-time in whatever capacity I can and make the best of it.

With you though, we can do better.

The more support I receive, the closer I'll come to writing full time, where I can more quickly create things to break your heart then mend it after, including things like The Synick Chapters. One day, when I can write full time, I hope to bring you along on more adventures than either of us can currently conceive of, taking you to places you've never been, with people you've never met. 

For all that, my stories would be only words without you, the readers. Any support you give, including reading, is enough, and I hope to have earned it. 

Thank you,
T.S. Howard

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