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CURRENT COURSE LISTING AT https://courses.tamarasiuda.com
Ska:noñh & ii-wy em hotep (Welcome!) My name is Tamara (rhymes with camera). I'm an Onondaga/Métis living in Oregon, with degrees in Egyptology (MA University of Chicago), Coptology (MA Macquarie University) and a PhD in Religion. Egypt-related content, pharaonic and otherwise, is what this Patreon is about. Looking for my work on Haiti/Haitian Vodou? See my Vodou Patreon for that.

Three of my Egypt projects were funded on Kickstarter. The first appeared in 2017, the second in 2018, and a third is in process. I'm working on other projects too. Patreon helps me afford time for creating, writing, and teaching. That means more for you to read, more for me to write, and more for us to share! Your membership supports me in doing things you appreciate. You get exclusive access, perks, and the knowledge that you enable my craft and enrich my life.

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At $2000 per month in Patreon memberships, I'm able to cover monthly rent and utilities, and can shift to full-time writing and producing my own projects. This would free me from the freelance hustle and provide tremendous opportunity to be more creative and productive.
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