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Hello! My name is Eivind Kirkeby, and I make music under the name The Society of Poor Academics. Sometimes I get help from other friends and musicians, but often it's just me. I like to refer to my music as naïve minimalism. Others might label it as lo-fi, folk, twee, synth pop, subpar, or simply indie.

Occasionally I make some really good songs, but most of the time I make rather mediocre songs. A few people seem to really like my music, but most people are pretty indifferent about it.

If you're among the few who actually like my music, why not consider supporting me? With your support, I might be able to afford to continue my affluent lifestyle of pony figurines, comic books, and food. Not to mention that the support should help keep me motivated, knowing that someone out there is interested in hearing my music.

I'm planning on offering supporters access to some bonus content when possible – such as demo recordings, cover songs, and other odd bits and pieces. But be warned that I'm still new to Patreon and trying to sort things out. Hopefully you'll all bear with me, and we can sort things out togeher.

Thank you for your time.
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Rejoice! With this money, I can commission singer-songwriter Eef Barzelay to cover one of my songs. The finished cover will be released for free.
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