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About The Stock Photo Editor

Hello, I am Thomas Andreas Parpoulas. I come from Greece and I currently reside in Kyiv, Ukraine.

In the last few years, I have been working both part time and full time as a stock photography contributor, with a main strategy to provide quality to the end customer. It proved to be a viable strategy that maximized my sales and placed me in the top 10% of contributors worldwide (as reported by Stock Performer in 2017) but with a minimal number of images (less than 1000).

As my stock business grew, I decided to give out more information about my strategy and methods. In that sense, I started The Stock Photo Editor, a blog that publishes content relevant to methods, quality and strategy of the modern Stock Photography Contributor.

Through Patreon, I take it to a more practical level, where you can become an active supporter, get subject lists, shooting guidelines and even performance reviews!

My dream is to use this experience and the possible extra income to start designing a next generation Image Bank.