The Sentinel's Playground Team is creating An Automatic Server Hosting Server for Zandronum

Become A Patron

$1 /mo
Becoming a Pateron will will give you these things:

- Assistance in setting up your own service with TSPG

- A Donator Rank in our discord server

More slots

$5 /mo
More Server slots for TSPG! Heres a rundown:

- +2 slots on top of the 3 slots given by default. Total of 5 slots for Zandronum Servers!

- Previous tier rewards

Even more slots

$10 /mo
Incase 5 slots in total is not enough:

- Another +3 server slots for Zandronum servers. Total of 8

- Previous tiers rewards

The Sentinel's Metallic Favor (VIP)

$15 /mo
This is the highest tier. Only for those who really fear the sentinel. This includes:

- More slots! Have +2 more, which means 10 server slots in total

- Ability to be exempt f...