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  • You can get High-Res JPGs of the latest illustrations.
  • In addition ,you can get rough sketches,character design pic and plot sentences(written in Japanese).
  • Access to new color picture.The picture will be distributed preferentially for my patrons.A little while later,I'll post it to Twitter and Pixiv.
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  • Adding to the above,you can get High-res PSD(layered) of the latest illustration.
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  • Adding to the above,whenever I publish new doujinshi(self-published book 同人誌),you can get High-Res JPGs data of it.
  • In parallel with latest book,you can get a old one. It will be changed at random for a limited period.
  • (If there was enough support,I could send you a new doujinshi that translated in English.)
  • When I take a requests,you can submit your requests.I will chose out of it at random.




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My name is Tsumetoro(つめとろ).
And also,i'm a promoter of doujin circle,Metro Notes(めとろのーつ).

I am a 2DCG Illustrator and comic artist in japan.
For about 6 years,I've been drawing mainly adult artworks.

I have mainly drawn meaty original foxgirls with big breasts,big ass,
big belly and big eyebrows. You can check them out from
Pixiv and Tumblr!

Reason why I need Patreon.
Simply,I need your support to keep drawing.
More than that,however,Patreon enables me to supply my works 
to overseas people in legal and better way.

I know my works has already been uploaded illegally.
But It's natural.Because I hadn't  prepared means to buy for foreign people.

However,Now,I can send my doujinshis data with ease and more quickly
to my patrons!

I want to make Patreon into best source of my works for overseas people.

I need your support.
I want to draw more pictures and manga.
If you support me,I can make my works with more concentration.

With enough support,I'm able to publish better works for everyone,and 
you can get my latest doujinshi more quickly!(and if there was really really enough support,I could make a doujinshi that translated in English for my patrons.)

Basically,as above,I want to use this service to deliver my doujinshi for overseas people,and to publish translated doujinshi. So,I can't supply a large amount of illustrations only for my patrons according to your support.
But your support will help me to make my works more stably.
It means that I can make doujinshi and commercial manga more efficiently and higher quality.

I will reward your support by making better manga works.
Of course,once in a while,I'll draw pic for patrons or collect requests to draw.

If you have any questions,please leave a comment and I'll get back answer as far as I can(I can read English but I don't have enough skills to write and speak,so I need a time to answer.sorry.)

Thanks for your support!


・Much of my content is for Adults only
To participate in,you must be 18+ years old.

・I can read English but I don't have enough skills to write and speak,
so I need a time to answer.And when I am busy,I can't answer.
Please understand this.

・I'm preparing a plan to download all of my previously doujinshis data.
It will be launched some day.

・I'll use Dropbox to share the file.

・I will send DL pass,after your credit card payment is finished(This means you can get your reward from next month.If you want to get my new dojin book as soon as possible,you should join the plan in the previous month.)

$232 of $500 per month
  • I'll draw cerebrating picture only for my patrons.probably,I'll draw my original foxgirl(little sister)!
  • Probably,I can ask translation agency to translate Latest doujinshi into English.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 131 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 131 exclusive posts

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