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About Glazen

Please email me at [email protected] to contact me about your pledges! (Patreon messaging does not work well on my computer or phone.)

 My ideal dream job would to be work on art full time and upload multiple times a week, though I cannot do that, but one day it can happen, uploads will be slow but I do my best to post the hottest ideas I can while improving every chance I get to draw. 

I currently rack in about $1300 a month from work and + nearly $200 from Patreon and seeing others with $5K+ in supporters seems unreal for an artist who draws hentai strictly, though that won't stop me from trying to get to that point. 

I love all the people who take the time to even comment their appreciation on anything I make, most of my posts will be on Pixiv with my largely growing number of followers. 

I do not like to speak or interact outside of posts much, rather I would express my creativity and words through drawing and pleasing as many people as I can without ever knowing it. (LEWD)

I still have a long way to go and much to improve on and any help from any sweet-peas is more then appreciated, I have met many people and made a friend that I could not see myself drawing still if it wasn't for them. 

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Thanks for the support everyone! Whenever I post exclusive Patreon pictures, you'll have access to them and download the full size.

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Every month you can request a picture through messages, and receive a sketch with light colors through an email you provide.  (PLEASE make sure to email me or message me or else I won't know what you want me to sketch out!)

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Claim your simple full color image by emailing me with your idea! (Monthly!)

(Note:  I have to set a deadline for the 20th of each month to submit your ideas, or else I won't be able to finish them all for next month, so send me that email as early as you can! <3 )

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My personal half way mark to working full time as an artist on Patreon, I don't see this happening in a LONG time.

Thank you all for helping me reach my dream!

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