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About Aaron Tsuru

my instagram: @tsurufoto


I am Aaron Tsuru, an artist, illustrator, painter, music creator, podcaster, writer, traveler, and wanderer. I am an expat living in Hong Kong, making art and exploring the world with my amazing partner tsurubride. I am trans non-binary/agender (my preferred pronouns are they/them).

I use paintings and drawings to celebrate all things beautiful, weird, and wonderful, exploring our imperfections that make us unique and perfect in our own way. My work is body, sex, and trans-positive. My goal is to bring as much intersectionality and diversity to my work and revel in our individuality and normalize what our flesh globules look like and do.

Many of my works are expressed through nudity & sexuality. I’ve been drawn into that world ever since the days of squinting at scrambled 70s & 80s late night cable euro “art films” as a kid. I use my work to explore and challenge our held definitions of beauty, gender, & sexuality.


Simply, I make much more content than I can share! And we have some super fans that I think want to see more!

For years, I've been creating work and sharing on different social network sites, but due to aggressive algorithms and increased censorship, I've found that I've had to limit what I share and when to avoid flooding feeds, shadow bans, or getting buried in the back of a feed.

With Patreon, I can give our super fans access to all the work I do, as well as work-in-progress photos and videos, behind the scenes work, more explicit work, offer help and advice to other artists, do AMAs, and even take requests and commissions as well as do giveaways and sales to the people who actually appreciate it.

Basically, unlimited access!


Beyond drawings and paintings, I also make music, travel, explore, and write! Patreon will be a great home to share my music demos, give you early access to drafts, excerpts, and previews of my writing, and see different parts of the world as we explore.

We would love for you to join us on our adventures!

The Tsurus

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