JP Meijers

is creating TTN Mapper ( coverage maps for The Things Network
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You really like the website and would love to see it running for many years to come.

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You run a private LoRaWAN network that peers with The Things Network. You use the public TTN Mapper to show clients where your network and TTN have coverage.



About JP Meijers

TTN Mapper is a community project to map the coverage of The Things Network. Hundreds of LoRa wardrivers (LoRdrivers) continuously send data to TTN Mapper for processing and visualising where the network has coverage. You as the LoRdriver is the most important part of this community.

TTN Mapper is a third party project which does not get any financial support. To keep this service alive and continue to improve it, the decision was made to start this Patreon account. The database of coverage measurements is growing exponentially and to keep on supporting it server upgrades and software upgrades are necessary. Upgraded hosting and engineering time is costly and hopefully by crowd-sourced donations we can keep the service running ad-free for many years to come.

If you are a company that wants to support the project, but doing that via Patreon is not possible, please let me know. In some cases companies need commercial invoices or support contracts to justify expenses. It is possible to rephrase any of the Patreon tiers as support contracts and make out a commercial invoice for them. Please email [email protected] for more information about this option.