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About Tucson Game Developers

This Patreon supports the events and efforts of the Tucson Game Developers. For a while we've provided a number of events to the community, hosting the Global Game JamLudum Dare, and also exhibiting at the Tucson Comic Con. But much of this comes straight out of the organizer's pockets. As we continue putting on these events, we want to do bigger and more ambitious events! If you want to help us offset these costs, please become our Patreon! By supporting us, we can build TGD into a globally recognized game development community.

Monthly Speakers

Every month TGD hosts unique speakers from across the country.We bring high quality talent to you in person or through video conferencing. We've hosted developers such as the esteemed Emmy-winning Don Daglow, who wrote the first ever baseball game ( called....Baseball). We've hosted amazing artists showing how they sculpt monsters and animate dragons. We've done workshops with developers from Unity on how to use their tech.

But we want to do so much more.

We have gotten such praise and positive feedback and people inevitably say:

'That was an amazing meeting! Do you record these?'

In the past we have not, mainly for privacy. But its hard to ignore the feedback! People want to see our meetings but not everyone can come to a meeting. We want to make TGD go global, and provide our meetings to the world! You can help make that happen by supporting us!

Global Game Jam

Every year we host the Tucson site for the Global Game Jam. Every year this event brings beginners and professionals together to make a game over the course of the weekend. The excitement and energy is HUGE and you should be a part of it! We help feed hungry developers and make an exciting event go smoothly. Recently we've partnered with UArizona and we are happy for their support.

Tucson Comic Con

For the past two years we have hosted a booth at the Tucson Comic Con. This has been a great avenue for us to get the word out that there are talented devs here in town, and give them as much exposure as we can.

But we want to do more! There are so many other conventions, in Tucson, and around it! With your support we can take our booth to more conventions and give our local devs even more exposure.

Please Help Us Grow

Thank you for your time. For more information about our group and upcoming event, check out http://tucsongamedev.com. You can always support us by going to a monthly meeting, or volunteer for our events.

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