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Just in a few words what it's all about

I've started to draw on December 21st, 2013, at the age of 26, from the complete zero.

From that day on, I was keeping on publishing all my drawings, writing summaries and reviews, sharing thoughts and discussing the subject matter, here and there.

And so it all ends with creating AllMyDrawings project, where I showcase my journey and make attempt to create a place which will help others in their art journey as well.

For the full about please visit, and all my current plans and ideas are listed on this public Trello board.



  • I'm not selling here anything, i. e. there is no any private/premium content. I'm just seeking for a support so I can spend more time on this.
  • One way or another, with or without your support, I'll proceed on doing what I'm considering to be right and valuable. It will only take a bit more time, that's it.

Thank you for visiting this page! I really do appreciate it.

Vitaly Tulin a.k.a tulvit
[email protected]
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It'll become a noticeable support, and so a great motivational source not to stop.
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