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HI there!

My name is Lonnie Baldwin.
I like to create musical things.

I call Seattle, Wa home.
In my time here I have committed myself to experience everything this beautiful metropolis has to offer. From the wonderfully diverse music scene to the bucolic views at every turn.
I have been very lucky to call this city home.

The burning passion for music is a fire I must always contend with, These creatures of the mind haunt an artist until they are given life and sent into the world.

I have that bug.

My search for the next vessle to deliver these creations is ongoing and seems become more urgent. Within this digital world lies the tools to share our ideas on an epic scale.
The path to being able to dedicate to the art is near. 

Often the difference between success and failure is merely if it makes money. Such is the world.

This is where the Chip-In comes to play.

Many hands make light work. (And a closed mouth doesn't get fed ;)
I encourage you to contribute and help tend to this seed.

For the low low price of: Whatever you like!!!
Seriously everything helps from throwing a dime to say hi to a monthly VIP membership or contributing toward a goal. It all helps. 
In return I will work to create and spread the spirit and community of art. We need more of that in this world IMO

With the support of my Patrons I am building an economy of like minded creatives that allows for the free distribution of the art without the need for outside financial control.

Through crowd source funding, such as Patreon, artist are able to remove the dependency of corporations. By cutting out the middle man we are able to bring what and where our audience would like.

Rewards come from growing the community.

I thank everyone who has contributed in helping bring more music into this world. 
Stay tuned for the fun!


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