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About Tunisiano

Hi, welcome to my Patreon page!

My name is Fabian Clerbois, but you may know me as tunisiano. I create and maintain Chocolatey packages.

  • I'm creating program packages to install software.
  • I'm maintaining them too of course
  • I'm trying to get back DTGM's packages
  • I'm also active in other communities like "Waze BeLux local editors" where i'm community manager for the Fr part, Country manager for BeLux, scripter to help others and many more

I'm a Chocolatey enthusiast and nearly addict...

You can view a list of my Chocolatey packages here.
You can view the source code for my Chocolatey packages here.

And if you need, I can create packages by request (patrons please) and am available to do custom corporate packages.

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