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About Tuomas Siitonen

Hi! I'm Tuomas Siitonen, a 29-year-old photographer from Southern Finland.

The video above is an example of what I do; I take photos of girls wearing latex and publish them completely free at my site, Photour.net.

Well alright, that’s a bit of a simplification; I’ve created a photography project that attempts to convey latex as an everyday option. Project L exists to show people that latex can be a part of regular everyday clothing. Sure it’s extraordinary shiny, sure you sweat in it. But as they say, beauty is worth suffering for.

I am attempting to introduce latex to the “regular” people as an option for regular clothing and remove its reputation as erotic-only clothing. Latex can be worn with style and elegance. The project aims to differ from being anyhow erotic.

Project L's models are volunteers; friends, upcoming models who want to expand their modelling portfolio or people I know who simply want new experiences. Should I get enough funding, I could actually pay the talented people who have helped me get the project this far!

Why do you need money?

I'm studying journalism full-time whilst being an entrepreneur in the field to support the hobby of Project L and perhaps even buy a bag of noodles now and then. No, I don't need the support to buy new photography equipment - I've got plenty already.

I'd like to do this already so wonderful hobby as full-time. I love photography more than anything and besides that, I love shooting latex. It's an interesting and thought-provoking fabric that turns heads wherever you go.

Should I gain support for this Patreon, the money would go straight into funding Project L, to purchase new pieces of latex for the models to wear, to gain access to more interesting places (it's surprisingly expensive) and to better focus my time on the project.

Will Project L still continue to be free?

Yes, a million times yes! Supporting the project is completely optional and Photour.net and Project L will function to work as intended as long as I can simply afford to keep it. By contributing to the project you can help me provide the material for free to everybody and help it to advance to new levels, more interesting shoots and so on.

How much does one dollar matter?

Everything. I don't make money off Project L - quite the contrary; every project costs me in average of 50 USD in running expenses (e.g. location fees, gas, food), and that does not include any of the suits, their repairs, photography equipment or anything like that.

Please take note, that one project means a single project, that includes behind the scenes and possibly a video. Thus if you are paying for one project, you will get at least two creations - perhaps even three - with the one payment.

What will the patrons get?

You can see the list of options below, but just to sum up few here; high-resolution images, access to behind the scenes of Project L, access to Q&A submissions for the models, hidden videos... The list is endless.

Also remember that your patronage can always be hidden for others so that they cannot search it by your name by going to www.patreon.com/settings

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Even if this sounds a given, it's simply not; more interesting shooting locations often require quite hefty amounts of money to shoot commercial shoots at. This could also give the possibility for us to travel abroad more often to perhaps even shoot at your home city!
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