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Because $2 is better than $1. With this, you have my love. As fickle of a thing as that is.

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With this you'll have my love, as well as a cool role on my discord. Not that anyone really cares. 

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Flexing rights. For if you just really love what I do.
Should you keep supporting me in this tier for a prolonged period, your suggestions may or may not be taken into careful consideration.

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About Turbo

Hi, and thank you for checking out my Patreon. My name is ****, and I make music under the alias Turbo, though some of you might know me by a different, extended name. If you do, I want you to know that I love you.

I put my own spin on various popular, and not so popular songs;
I made myself known by rearranging Anime openings ranging from manly fighting show themes to fluffy happy-go-lucky bops, but my field of, quote unquote, "expertise", is by no means restricted to weeb tunes. No genre from classic rock to nostalgia inducing eurodance is safe from my hand of high-tempo justice. You name it, I revision it.

As often is the case with smaller musicians like myself, most of my 'remixes' are actually bootlegs. To put it in layman's terms, my songs contain copyrighted content – in most cases, the vocals – which I do not own the rights to commercially use, nor am I in a position to receive or even apply for said rights yet.

What I do own the rights to, and am able apply to receive commercial licensing for as well, are the instrumentals I create. This Patreon exists to fund the creation of those instrumental arrangements, as well as the rather extreme energy drink addiction I have developed while making said arrangements. Which are found on my channels Turbo & TurboAlt.

But rest assured, the original remixes, which will include the vocals, will still exist for you guys to listen to, even if monetizing them and distributing them to platforms like Spotify is out of the question. 

Please do note, I will not paywall any content I create behind Patreon or other monetary barriers. I might not make similar sums to people who utilize said paywalls will, but I'm not about that. Supporting me here is completely optional. I do not make music for money. However... :^)

Also, due to the inconsistent pace at which I make my musical medleys, my Patreon is set up to charge on a Per Creation-basis. I highly recommend you to set a monthly limit in case I ever get too productive, but it's there so I won't take your money and run with it if I were to just laze around and procrastinate.
$503.90 of $800 per creation
This is what an average JoJo's remix would generate in ad revenue(if not more), half a year after I first set my patreon up. Thank you for your insane support so far.
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