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I'm updating the "About you" section to make it clear that this is a safe and inclusive space that doesn't engage in or endorse discrimination or hatred of any kind. In fact, as a trans-lesbian, I have been targeted by TERFs (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists) who are the actual ones promoting hatred and discrimination, and claim that because I have a masculine gender-expression that I'm not "a real woman", which is shameful, but they seem to get away with it for some reason.

If you actually watch my content instead of listening to the TERFs selectively edited and cherry-picked nonsense, you'll find that my community is incredibly accepting and diverse. However, because I speak out against TERFs and their anti-trans bigotry, I've been warned that my days on Patreon are numbered.

I hope that when the inevitable call for my removal comes, a moderator or investigator at Patreon reads this, and understands what's going on here, and stands up for trans-acceptance and diversity in the face of lies, bigotry, and hatred.

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