is creating My Little Pony head-canons, commissions, sketches, and more.

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Patrons who pledge $1.00 or more a month will be able to view sketches, concepts, and unfinished art. 
  •   You will get access to assorted sketches and scraps from the MLP head-canon , such as the little doodles I do to work out how I'm going to make something  believable. 
  • You will get occasional screen captures from ongoing pieces. 


per month
For $5.00 or up per month, you will get access to the basic side view out of the monthly head-canon package.  (Skeletons, muscle structures, feathers, ect.) 
  • Bronze tier anatomy package. 
  • Sketches, concepts, and unfinished art. 
  • Work in progress screenshots that show the creation of a piece from start to finish.
  • "Work in progress" Screenshots from the development process of new art, showing the steps I take to finish it. 




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Welcome to turnipBerry's Patreon account. I hope to use this to supplement my income, raise money for personal projects, and help fund my education. 
As a part of my rewards system, I am creating exclusive My Little Pony headcannon content. Things such as speculations on anatomy, skeletal and muscle structure, fur, feathers, and more. I hope to be able to release a new package every month, and all of the old packages will continue to be available to anyone with the appropriate pledge amount.  Other rewards will include Sketches and artistic tidbits that don't see the light of day anywhere else, as well as previews of upcoming art, sometimes months before it gets posted. 

$22.80 of $30 per month
If I can get $30 per month, I plan to start creating prints that can be sold at conventions, and even shipped out to patrons!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 139 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 139 exclusive posts

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