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About TVTriviaPod


Listen.  Lol, podcast pun.

I love podcasts.  I love TV and movies.  And I love trivia.

If you are here, it's because you love the same.  When someone forgets the name of that movie, you know what it is.  When someone quotes a show, you can finish it for them.  When someone recognizes that actor from somewhere, you can list a couple things right off the bat.

This podcast is here to test your TV trivia knowledge.  Each episode will cover trivia from a specific show, season, and some episodes.

The first season will cover some of The Office.  Here's some softballs, for example...  What's Michael's middle name?  Who is Phyllis's boyfriend/eventual husband?  Ok, sure, you got those.  Let's step it up.  What's the name of the captain in Booze Cruise?  What branch did Jan say got shut down after they unionized?  Did you get those?  Think you're soooo smart.  How about some deep cuts.  Who is the only character in The Office that has the exact same name as the person who plays him/her?  Steve Carell's actual wife plays what character?  What about Jenna Fischer's actual husband?  Ya.  Didn't think so.

But don't worry.  I'll give you a chance.  I'll tell you what episodes I'll be covering ahead of time so you can watch them first, if you're so inclined.

To help keep this thing going, I'd love your support.  It's a passion project of mine, and I'd love to bring you the best content and quality I can.  And don't worry!  You'll be compensated for your donations.  Supporters will get their questions read, get to be on the show, get access to bonus episodes, etc.  Bonus episodes will cover additional questions left out of the free episode and include movie trivia as well.

Lastly, I just want to thank you for your time.  It means so much to me that someone would want to waste their time listening to me, haha.  And your support means the world.  It's what keeps me motivated - I couldn't and eventually wouldn't do this podcast without you.  So thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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Alright, this podcast is going somewhere!  Time to start releasing movie trivia!
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