Twelve is creating Starcraft 2 Arcade Maps

Tier 1

$1 /mo
  • Continued updates of my arcade games.
  • "Active Patron" role on the Discord server.

Tier 2

$10 /mo
  • Previous tier perks.
  • (Project Haven)Receive an in-game tint and glow aura of a color of your choice.
  • (Project Haven)Your name listed in the game loading...

Tier 3

$15 /mo
  • Previous tier perks.
  • (Project Haven)Custom in-game pet and/or hero name.
  • Or
  • (Dungeon Master/Queens Game)Small addition/update of your choice.

Tier 4

$100 /mo
  • Previous tier perks.
  • Work together with me to create a new character, game mode or concept for Project Haven, Queens Game or Dungeon Master.
  • "Character Donor" role on Discord.