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Welcome to the Icarus Discord Bot!
We're very pleased you could drop by our Patreon!

The Icarus Discord Bot is a free-to-use multi-purpose Discord bot, with a prime focus on Fortnite content.  We are working to bring you a high-quality Discord bot with a vast array of commands and features - All to help make the management of your Discord servers easier!

So, why do we have a Patreon?  Well, we have several paid features for the bot, which offer more advanced and top-tier quality features.  In order to do this though, we need various funding in order to pay for servers, staff and advertising.  We want to be able to expand our presence to more users and more servers, so we can provide more features and much greater content than any Discord bot.

So, we assume you want to know a little bit about us?  Awesome!
We operate as a company, TwilightGamez.  We are a small gaming company, initially started as a Minecraft network, but we've since retired the Minecraft side of things.  And with the growth of Fortnite and rapid increase of streamers and Discord servers - We are expanding into the territory of Live Streaming and general gaming.  Currently, we are working on a Discord bot that brings you features for both areas!

Naturally, we know you'll want to know where your money's going, so here are the planned breakdown based on our current goal:

We really want to build up enough funding to increase our advertising budgets to such an extent that we're able to save up to go to TwitchCon in San Diego, California in the US!  We can show off and demonstrate our bot and it's features to thousands of people in person, aiming to enhance our community and bot to be greater than ever!

Before you purchase, link Patreon with your Discord account!
If you like our bot, vote every 12 hours!  It helps us get more exposure!
If you have any questions, join our support server on Discord!

When purchasing Premium, you'll get an activation key from our Staff!

Thank you for taking the time to visit!
We'd love to see more servers using our bot!!

34% complete
Regularly Paid Developers!

By reaching this goal, this means we can comfortably pay our developers for their hard work, while also simultaneously covering server maintenance and other server-related costs.

These funds allow us to pay our developers a comfortable amount of money for new features, updates, bug fixes, etc.
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