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The Aftermath Room

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    Club members at this level, get access to the After Hours Club Archive of over fifty podcasts, plus access to The Aftermath Room, where they will recive a monthly podcast discussing an episode of the 80s or 2000s Twilight Zone.
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The Never Ending Corridors

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    At this level, as well as the keys to The Aftermath Room, members will have the freedom to roam the ever changing corridors of The After Hours Club and receive a monthly podcast looking at other aspects of Rod Serling's work. Including, Night Gallery, The Loner, his work on Playhouse 90 and more....

The Monument Room

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As well as access to the other rooms above, club members at this level will be able to enter The Monument Room, and receive a monthly audio commentary by Tom Elliot for a Twilight Zone episode that has been previously covered on the podcast.



About Tom Elliot

Welcome to The After Hours Club, for supporters of The Twilight Zone Podcast.

My name is Tom Elliot, and I've been presenting The Twilight Zone Podcast since 2010. By signing up to The After Hours Club, you'll get access to the following rooms of the club, and receive the following benefits:

The After Hours Club Archives (All members) 
Access to over fifty bonus podcasts exploring The Twilight Zone and related media.

The Lounge (All Members)
Exclusive access to The After Hours Club Discord Server (coming soon)

The Aftermath Room ($2 Tier)
A monthly podcast looking at episode of the 1980s and 2000s Twilight Zone.

Never Ending Corridors ($3 Tier)
A monthly podcast examining a piece of Rod Serling's work beyond The Twilight Zone, including Playhouse 90, Night Gallery and The Loner.

The Monument Room ($5 Tier)
A monthly commentary by Tom Elliot on an episode of The Twilight Zone.

Board of Directors ($10 Tier)
The board of directors get to vote on Patreon content and receive an un-cut extended version of The Twilight Zone Podcast, each time one is released.

With occasional merch drops to amplify your after hours style. Please, take the seat reserved just for you in.... The After Hours Club.
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If I can reach this goal, I can save for my dream project. When our journey is done, I'll visit America to record the final Twilight Zone Podcast. Speaking to listeners to The Twilight Zone Podcast, visiting important TZ and Rod Serling locations and hopefully speak to some important Twilight Zone related people too.

For patrons, if I can figure out the technicalities I'll create a video diary of my trip or at the very least offer a longer un-edited podcast version of my journey.
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