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Milestone Goals
Patreon Exclusive Video Series
$1,000 per month
We’ll be able to afford all of the first things outlined in the Patreon homepage. Woop, woop! Also, our secret Patreon exclusive video series will be possible.
Let's Youtube It Up!
$1,500 per month
Our video series that you've come to know and love can all continue on and we'll be able to even add more to the lineup!


We don't like to sugar coat or fool our community (dubbed Twinfiknights), but we're also some of the most positive gamers around. We promise to always bring diverse, honest, and fun opinions to the table.


Miami, FL, USA

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Twinfinite is going Patreon! Help support positive, honest, and diverse opinions on video games.

Where would the money go?

We want as much transparency as possible so first and foremost, we’d get new equipment for the video discussions and shows we’d so love to give to you weekly. At the $1,000 level, we'll start rolling out a Patreon exclusive video series. At $1,500, your favorite video series from us will continue on, and we'll really ramp up our Youtubing (pretty sure that's a made-up word) to bring more shows to the channel, plus FINALLY get a set Twitch schedule.

Not going bankrupt is really important to us, so we’d save a large amount of what you would be giving each month in hopes of paying for the expenses that come with convention coverage, as well as the site.

Finally, if we get there monthly, we would be able to pay our staff who work around the clock to provide all of the content you love. 

So to sum up, these are the things your patronage will go towards helping:
-Better equipment for more videos on the Youtube (and a special Patreon exclusive one).
-Streaming on will be possible.
-Convention coverage won't send us in debt any more.

We don’t claim to be professionals, we’re all just a bunch of kids doing what we love with this little lemonade stand of ours. However, we’re passionate, honest, and positive. And our diversity allows for content you don’t really see anywhere on the internet. Know that any amount you give with your patronage would be much appreciated and would help us more than ads currently do. With your help, we can further our goal of making Twinfinite the most positive, honest, and diverse site written by gamers, for gamers.
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