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About Twisted Hairs

When I was growing up I was completely fascinated by folklore. My earliest memories at the library were spent checking out books on movie monsters and ghost stories. I remember that fateful day when I purchased Alvin Schwartz's Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (the original version with Stephen Gammell's artwork, not the lame-ass new one) from the book fair at school. It definitely scarred me for life, but in the best way.

One thing I could never figure out when I was a kid was why the stories were so frightening. Yes, the illustrations were literally the stuff of nightmares (thanks Stephen), but the stories themselves had this creeping depth that always put them on the edge of practical reality. They always felt like maybe, just maybe, they could’ve been true. No other book of scary stories was like this.

As I got older I realized that Schwartz’s use of urban legends and folklore to construct his spooky tales for “kids” is what gave them this visceral edge. Instead of writing a Goosebumps or a Garfield book (though I loved these too), Schwartz created a book that gave us our first encounter with the unknown just outside the firelight. We hid it from our parents. We spoke in hushed tones about it in the halls. Instead of drawing on horror tropes, Schwartz drew on the collective fear and wonder of several generations of Americans passing tales back and forth across real campfires that were intended to be believable.

The question of “where did these stories come from?” has always been in my mind. Could they indeed have some root in something true?
- Randy, creator and field host.

Folklore in Real Time
Twisted Hairs is a podcast about folklore that combines raw investigative journalism with weekend roadtrip adventure. We’re not seeking to sensationalize, but rather to look for the real truth behind the legends, from those closest to them. For our stories, we travel the country and seek out the places, people, experiences, and motives behind North American folklore. Instead of observing them from the history books, we confront them face to face and ask “why?”.

Is magic real? What about ghosts? Vampires? Werewolves? Curses? Witchcraft? Secret Societies? Mediums? Bigfoot? Aliens? What are those mysterious lights just beyond the trees?

Sometimes it’s just better to hear a tale from the mouths of its characters themselves.

And yes, it gets very weird.

Why Patreon?
What makes our podcast special is our ability to travel to the places featured in the stories. As everyone knows, travel isn’t cheap. And combined with editing the show’s large amount of audio down to the perfectly crafted episode length, maintaining the website, responding to you on social media and coming up with ideas for future shows it can almost seem like a full-time job.

Your contribution makes this SO MUCH EASIER. It lets our team focus on what really matters - bringing you into these stories right alongside us.

Thank you!
Seriously, without your contribution we couldn’t do this. By giving at any level, you’ve made a huge investment (in our eyes) in the future of our baby brainchild, and we can’t thank you enough. But with the extras we offer, we’re going to try!
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We've estimated our seasonal production costs to be right around $6000, or $500 per month. Basically that means we need 50-250 of you to support us sustainably to be able to continue on past this first season. When we reach this support level, we'll be able to begin finding sponsor support, which means we'll be able to begin to give back through special offers and better benefits.
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